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Our garage door experts are always happy to share their knowledge with our customers, so one day we figured, heck, why not share it with the world? That's what led us to creating this page. Take a look at the tips below to get some useful advice about your overhead door system.

Inspect all the moving parts regularly

According to our garage door repair technicians, the moving parts of your system are usually the ones that break down first, because the constant friction they are under causes more frequent wear and tear. That's why they should be regularly checked and repaired in a timely fashion if something is wrong. Neglecting the springs, rollers and tracks can lead to serious problems.

Don't hesitate to ask for help

This may seem like a trivial advice, but oftentimes ego plays a part in easily avoidable accidents. Garage door problems can be very complex and dangerous, and trying to deal with them by yourself is a risk that you really shouldn't take. If you have no problem taking your car to a mechanic when something goes wrong with it, you should have no qualms about doing the same with your garage door.

Get a garage door opener remote that uses rolling code technology

All new age garage door remote clickers work with rolling code technology – at least those made by name brand manufacturers. This adds security to your home by changing the access codes each time you use the remote to open your garage door. That means that even if someone was to intercept the code somehow, they would be useless.

Make sure the opener is installed correctly

Electric openers must comply with UL 325 requirements and be installed accordingly. The emergency release cord must be placed where it can be reached only by adults. The safety sensors should be positioned six inches off the ground and the opener wall switch must be placed at least five feet off the ground to prevent young children from being able to reach it.


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